"Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art."

- Andy Warhol

I & ART challenges you to let go of daily routines and give space to new ideas.


We would like to give your department a boost and encourage your team to express themselves in a less common way: more creative, freer, more imaginative. We help you to sell your product in a unique way and to present yourself better. "If you look at it like this ..."


We are happy to contribute to changes within the company: by approaching current or new processes in a comical and creative way, we give employees a different view of their work. At the coffee machine it will certainly be talked about.


No company is the same. The contribution of I & ART therefore starts with listening. We would like to meet you personally once to get to know and talk about an offer tailored to your company.

Want to know more, discuss your wishes and ideas or want to know more about a company outing or team building day? Mail to info @ i-and-art .nl.

"By thinking and working more creative, I found new inspiration to do my work"

Prinsegracht 27

2512 EW Den Haag


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